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    Does anyone have a rough idea on what we can expect battery life wise ? If it's based off the Optimus G, whats the word on that for battery ? And do we think Android 4.2 has any new stuff inside for improving battery life, like that Project Roadrunner, we now know is fake and not real, but I would not be surprised if Google does indeed have something like that in the works ?

    I am a Nexus *****, having owned all three. My Wife and I both own the Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus, and it sucks balls for battery life. I have tried all ROM's all Kernels, all settings, never ever use 4G/LTE, and it still sucks battery way worse than my two Brothers who have the GSM Unlocked Nexus off the Play Store. Standby time between the GSM and CDMA Nexus is pretty big difference in battery life.

    So here's hoping the GSM LG Nexus 4, is much better in battery life than the CDMA LTE Galaxy Nexus.
    10-14-2012 03:44 PM

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