11-13-2012 11:57 AM
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    I have been wondering - why do people need over 16GB in a phone?

    I guess my main subjects for response would be about music, video and games because the rest aren't that big of a deal for me. I am no upper-class photographer so the camera works just fine for me. As for music, I am very into music and can say I listen to almost every single song out of the 6800+ I have in my collection. I have never been one to use my phone for music because storage and battery life has always been an issue so I have a 160GB iPod classic for that but I do put a few of my favorite bands on my phone just for back up for situations like my iPod dying or I don't have my iPod with. I completely agree that it is an insult to watch a great movie on a pitiful screen. Lastly I was never one for playing an intense game on a phone considering I have always been a console and PC gamer and playing a game on a phone has never compared. Something like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope or other puzzle and casual games are something I would play on a phone but nothing like Dead Space or N. O. V. A.

    I have always been someone who enjoys simplicity and like to know what data is where and ridding my system's of useless data/apps.
    I plan on buying the 16gb and I would agree that it's that ego-boosting reason but I like having that extra space if I ever need it.
    11-11-2012 09:28 AM
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    ... The Nexus 4 will be the only Android phone getting updates within a week or two of each new version or bug fixes available for Android.... No other Android device will have this major feature... So the reason why some of use keep complaining about the lack of extra storage is that we can not go out there and buy a HTC, Samsung, LG, Acer, Asus, etc device that will be stock Android and that won't take 6 months + to get carrier approved updates... Google is the only supplier of this devices... Not even if we buy it unlock or import them from some other market.... Updates take months and months... There is no other choice but Nexus 4.......

    If the Nexus 4 was just a phone like the SGIII or SG Note 2 or the Moto Maxx's or the HTC One +'s or the HTC DNA etc... Then we wouldn't be discussing what might be missing from it... But the Nexus 4 is the only phone for the next two year that will receive updates within weeks of a new Android announcement... All the other phones will have to wait 4-6 Months if not longer... That is what makes what some of us see as a major shortcoming such a big deal.... It's our only choice.... ...
    No. Not the only choice. You can unlock many if those other devices and flash with a 3rd party ROM based on AOSP. I know, that's more work, but it is an option that many exercise.
    11-11-2012 12:41 PM
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    Why settle to carry several devices?
    The point of smartphones is to bring all those things together. My gs3 with 64GB with cm 10 m2 is the best mp3 player. The best movie player, the best turn by turn voice navigation system. And the best mobile gaming system.
    And costs way, way more than the 16gb N4 for $349. :rolleyes:

    File under You Get What You Pay For.
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    11-11-2012 12:44 PM
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    No, but there are multiple Android phones, and that's the most important thing.

    If you're willing to use a custom ROM, you can expect once CM or some other mod is out there for your device, you'll get the updates quite quickly as well. That's still a compromise, but again, no phone out there yet is perfect that does everything that you want. And again, the Nexus 4 gives you a ton for $300, you expect some trade offs at that price.
    No. Not the only choice. You can unlock many if those other devices and flash with a 3rd party ROM based on AOSP. I know, that's more work, but it is an option that many exercise.
    I plan to flash whatever Nexus 4 I get with Hybrid PA/AOKP/LS/COM10 Rom... But the different non Nexus devices out there don't always get everything fully working on 3rd party Roms or u have to wait a long time for someone to create a new driver or finds a workaround... This happens a lot with cameras... The hardware makers keep drivers and other code a secret... Just recently CM & XDA was complaining about Samsung lack of help for the 3rd party Rom community, specially when it came to their latest cpu's... That is why a Nexus device is the best choice for ASOP & 3rd party Rom updates...

    Also having limited data space is not ideal for 3rd Rom flashers... Specially if u do multiple backups of u'r phone which could easily hit close to a gig of space on it...

    Decided to get a Nexus 4 until December... Will let the cobwebs & rumors died down before getting one... Hopefully they will be back in stock in Dec. & will will know what innards the Nexus 4 holds...
    11-13-2012 11:57 AM
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