1. Fairclough's Avatar
    I know there is a similar thread, but I had to express this excitement. just over 5 hrs till the 13th for me! Will I wait up till midnight? Nope, because i have exam in the morning. It might be not in my Top 4 subjects (they only use a top 4 subjects to calc a state ranking) but its the morals which count. I am hoping that when I wake up it will be like Christmas!!!!! with the play store open and all magical rides to go on. Over the top? I think so! I know it will take a few days to get this phone but I Just want to know its safely ordered. If its not ready by sun rise, I will check again in the afternoo n.

    I put money on the Visa card mum doesn't use and I am ready to roll! On a side note my mate is over the moon, he ordered a One X from somewhere... no stock they gave him an XL!
    11-12-2012 05:45 AM
  2. fahadsul33man's Avatar
    Ummm okay.......

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    11-12-2012 05:55 AM
  3. qnet's Avatar
    I'm excited as well. I still have about 18 hours or more depending on when they start selling in the U.S. eastern or pacific time.

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    11-12-2012 06:12 AM
  4. Fairclough's Avatar
    I have no clue if they will do it state by state, country by country all the whole globe at once. The google person told me its defs happening 13th of Nov Aus time so its global we have a 12 hr window.
    I just want to get the order in!
    11-12-2012 06:36 AM
  5. Syrential's Avatar
    I don't know for some reason I can't see it sell from midnight on haha.
    So far every time I waited until midnight to order a product that's supposed to launch then, it didn't. I guess that's because no one actually works at that time usually, at least here, and usually there's no processing of the order anyways until the morning.

    But yeah I'm still excited, it's just 11:30h left till midnight here, so I'll wait and see what will happen. I just don't want to fall asleep and then wake up in the morning and see that orders started at 2-3am or something, but oh well life sucks.
    11-12-2012 06:36 AM
  6. Fairclough's Avatar
    I am sleeping, partly because of exams and I am a few hours a head and im doubting midnight for me.
    11-12-2012 06:50 AM
  7. Mugler Infusion's Avatar
    I could say I am excited, but I can really take or leave it, you put out another phone with similar or same or even better specs at a price cheaper that $300-350, I would definitely go to the other phone, I am looking for a great price and hoping for good quality, I am not so sure LG is going to knock quality out of the ballpark, they haven't in the past and they dealt with those problems not too well.

    But YES, I am excited on about getting a new phone, my T-Mobile Comet is definitely of poor quality because it is a refurbished one and not a very good refurbished one at that.
    11-12-2012 07:22 AM
  8. Fairclough's Avatar
    Buying new things is always fun! Apparently Lg is recent years has only focused on low cost phones, hence why they are #2 in Aus for prepaid mobile sales.
    11-12-2012 07:24 AM
  9. Syrential's Avatar
    Meh, I will thoroughly test this phone within the 14-days period where you can send back the device without a reason. If it turns out that LG has been crap it'll just go back to Google.
    But then again, anything is better than my old iPhone 4, so I'm still excited.
    11-12-2012 07:31 AM
  10. nimer55's Avatar
    Am I excited?.... Well, let`s see, I passionately hated gingerbread when I first got my Nexus S (Phone before was a palm pre). Then it got ICS, which made it so much better. But it broke (or I broke it) before It could get Jelly Bean. So, I then went without a phone for a month, found an old pre, activated it. It broke. Went without a phone for 3 weeks. Then got a friends old Nexus 1, that's running Cynogen Gingerbread.

    Okay, this phone is a tank. The built quality is better than anything I have ever held; I think it was made using left over military materials. This phone however, has a terrible UI, the phone is slow, and worse of all, only has 190mb for me to use. I need to delete apps, to make room to update other apps. My battery dies as soon as it hits 21%, my low battery notification is a vibration that occurs a split second before the phone turns off. With medium usage, this phone is dead halfway through the day.

    So YES! I am excited!
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    11-12-2012 04:35 PM
  11. reign831's Avatar


    It's just a phone.

    11-12-2012 04:37 PM
  12. Fairclough's Avatar
    Opening something new is always amazing you must agree?
    11-12-2012 05:03 PM
  13. Winterfang's Avatar
    Literally pissing Vodka right now. So excited.
    11-12-2012 05:04 PM
  14. natehoy's Avatar
    I'm glad to see so many excited people in this thread!

    I'm going to wait a couple of weeks (possibly longer) and see what the initial crowd reaction is. Not that I don't want one of these shinies on my hand on day one, mind you, but I want to see of people's experiences with the phone turn out to meet the expectations set by the reviews. Then maybe I'll take the plunge.

    If I had waited another few weeks on the Nexus 7, I might have waited an additional month and gotten one without screen separation issues.
    11-12-2012 05:06 PM
  15. bunique4life05's Avatar
    I am excited that once it comes out that later can actually go T-Mobile and get feel for the device. Unfortunatily not very excite about waiting to see if white version will come out also certain accessories I want to come out. Though am just general excited for Google and what they may bring next year.

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    11-12-2012 05:28 PM
  16. Jnorton2724's Avatar
    I'm pretty excited as well and want to get my order in. Hopefully I can put in the order at midnight here.
    11-12-2012 06:02 PM
  17. Fairclough's Avatar
    I still want it even though its sold out!
    11-13-2012 06:06 PM
  18. Eric Mazariegos's Avatar
    I'm excited to finally be able to go Google. I've freakin HAD IT with Touchwiz an Motoblur and even LG's ui at one point. It's so awesome because this nexus 4 will bring my phone cycle to a full circle. States out with an LG phone, and five phones later using the Note II (biggest buyer's remorse ever!). So LG, looks like you've been doing good these past few years... Time to reacquaint ourselves, ;-) (not that lg is anywhere in the ui but yeah).

    Soon getting a Chrome book also to fully complete my Google experience. I have a Nexus 7and yeah Google really knew how to get users hooked on its devices. Although, I'm not exactly sold on the 10...
    11-13-2012 06:28 PM
  19. Eric Mazariegos's Avatar
    Well i'm sure people disagree with me across the board, but yeah TouchWiz is UGLY. Ugh, have you ever used a SG3? It's slightly more acceptable on that device because of the smaller screen, but with the Note 2 it looks so... cartoony? Bloated? Idk how exactly to describe it but yeah...

    On top of that, I recently bought a Nexus 7 & WOW major upgrade!!!! I realized that AMOLED screens are far inferior to IPS (on a related note... look up ink spots on AMOLED screens, it's a hugely pervasive problem that people just seem to stomach because of the ubiquity of the devices with this type of screen. My note 2 had this ugly vertical line going down the screen EW!!! only visible in extremely dark environments with dark grey [not pure black] backgrounds, which sucks since I tend to use my phone before I go to sleep at 0% brightness...). While we'retalking about screens, the IPS of the Nexus 4 is just superior, with the PPI, and the truer-to-life colors than AMOLED. Ugh, I can't believe I've lived with AMOLED all this time!!!

    Also, I've been really engrossed in "going Google" for a while, and with the Nexus 7 that I bought I really see the possibility of it. Music, Docs (Drive), pictures (Instant Upload) available ANYWHERE (granted you have a connection) is just amazing! That's why I don't see why so many people are bugging about the lack of an SD card slot on the Nexus 4. I mean, you can stream all of your music from Google Play, and have all your photos uploaded to Instant Upload and immediately delete them from your device. And furthermore, T-Mobile offers unlimited data, and I live in Los Angeles so WHY NOT?? Speeds are on par with Verizon (which I was on until I switched to T-Mo for the Note II). Why pay more for non-unlimited data? Ugh!

    Did I just get sidetracked? lol! Basically the Note II is like a "just why?" device for me... It's so big that using it outdoors day to day can prove a bit unpractical because of the need for both hands etc. The Note II is just too big for me, and Google integration is ALRIGHT on it, but I would rather have a pure Google experience... :-0

    ANYWAY just got off the phone with a Google representative and he said that the Nexi will be shipping out "pretty soon." I asked him when I should expect the device at the earliest, and he said earliest we can expect them to be Thursday; he counted today as part of the 3-5 day shipping window. He said latest will be Monday. So we may have our shiny Google devices VERY SOON!!!!
    As soon as I gave him my info he seemed to be exasperated at me calling in, as he said "So what device did you buy... Nexus 4... Nexus 10... What was it..." lol!
    11-13-2012 10:22 PM
  20. Fairclough's Avatar
    I prefer to wait it out rather then get a note or sIII
    11-14-2012 07:44 AM

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