1. X0LARIUM's Avatar
    Has anyone else noticed that the lock screen in any review video and the video by Verge in the Google office is very different...

    I thought that was JB 4.2's lock screen..but how come all the other videos have the older JB lock screen?

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    11-12-2012 12:12 PM
  2. Mooem's Avatar
    From what I can gather...
    A lot of reviewers received units that were running on "older" software. The Verge had an exclusive sneak peak, as it would appear, to features that were not included in the review units sent to other tech sites. The new lock screen implementation, and other features, are supposed to be pushed out this week to coincide with the release of the new Nexus devices.
    11-12-2012 01:42 PM
  3. Andrew Martonik's Avatar
    All of the reviewers got units that didn't have final software. One of the things missing was the new lockscreen with widgets.
    11-12-2012 01:45 PM

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