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    Got my N4 today, w00!

    Everything is great, except I can't receive files over Bluetooth. I was trying to transfer a couple pics from my old phone (a Samsung on Gingerbread) and as it'd ask if I wanted to accept the file, I got "Unfortunately, Bluetooth Share has stopped"... over and over and over again. I finally killed it by clearing BT share's data.

    I powered off and back on and I've tried sending files both from the Gingerbread phone and my MacBook--same thing happens. I tried sending an apk; that refused like it's supposed to. I can send files from the N4 to the Mac or the Samsung without incident.

    I've seen a few things about the N7 having issues with 4.2 but I wasn't able to find any reports of this problem.

    Other than that (a very minor inconvenience to me), this thing is GREAT! I can't believe how fast it is!
    11-21-2012 12:35 AM

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