03-02-2013 08:31 PM
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  1. vivekastic's Avatar
    I just changed to another wall outlet and it started charging my nexus at AC rate. Thanks so much everyone here.
    01-26-2013 04:06 PM
  2. donm527#IM's Avatar
    hmm... i think my stock wall charger that came with the phone could be acting wonky...
    checking to see if people are experiencing slow charging with their stock charger...

    i plugged it in to the stock charger last night and was about 15% and 6-7 hours later it shows only 30+%.
    It use to charge fast within a few hours.

    at work using my Andru charger now and so far it's charging properly going from 6% to 30% in half an hour...
    update... 30% to 51% in next half hour... 51% to 73% in next half hour... 73% to 91% in next half hour.

    01-29-2013 10:46 AM
  3. donm527#IM's Avatar
    So to update on my bad charger... I'm getting a NEW PHONE!!

    imo it's silly really... I determined the factory charger was bad so I called tech support to have them send me over a replacement. Not much tech troubleshooting needed really, just told them what I did to figure out it was a bad charger. so they set up an RMA... for a replacement phone!! Seriously? Google just cant have a replacement charger shipped? Anyways, it's there policy to replace the whole thing, phone and all.

    So basically they send me an email with the link and the RMA involves going to Google Play and clicking on a phone order but nothing gets charged. The email includes a return label and when I get the new phone, I ship the old one. really dumb to send back a good phone for a charger but I don't go without a phone while they send the new one... so no biggie. I have a 3rd party charger to use in the meantime.
    01-31-2013 02:49 PM
  4. HTCTundaBow's Avatar
    My phone also says "USB Plugged" when plugged into the wall, and I'm using the stock charger... Sometimes it will switch back over to AC if I unplug it and plug it back up, but sometimes it won't... This is really annoying having to try different outlets around my house to charge my phone... It never has this problem when charging in my vehicle...
    03-02-2013 08:31 PM
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