1. Coop1979's Avatar
    I might be missing something in the settings, but my screen keeps turning on for notifications. I didn't notice it doing that before the 4.2.1 upgrade earlier today.

    Anyone else seeing this? I know my Note has this annoying behavior for text messages, but I've never seen it in a Nexus device.

    See the little marks for Screen on? That's where the Nexus was turning in for 30 seconds for the notification.

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    11-30-2012 08:23 PM
  2. ragnarokx's Avatar
    The app DeskSMS caused this until a recent update. If you have it installed, update it and that should fix the problem. If you don't have DeskSMS, it's probably some other app that you've installed.
    11-30-2012 08:36 PM
  3. N4Newbie's Avatar
    Didn't happen to me with 4.2 and doesn't happen with 4.2.1 either.

    Look for a bad app as the root cause.
    11-30-2012 08:44 PM
  4. Hikmat abdoollayev's Avatar
    Apps can turn the screen on by using wakelocks.
    Try to check for active wakelocks by using this app:
    "Full wakelock" option shows the app which have an access to lighten the screen
    03-20-2013 01:30 AM

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