02-05-2015 05:47 PM
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    I ran into this problem today and thank goodness I found the thread. I was playing with my new iPhone 5S and swapping SIM between the N4 and iPhone 5S. As I was putting the nano sim adapter with the SIM back in, I forgot to hold the SIM with my hands and it fell out as I slid the tray back in. Whoops. For N4 users using this Silverhill adapter, be wary--the nano SIM adapter falls out one way from the main tray, and the nano sim itself falls out the other way. You need to make sure that BOTH are in place before sliding the tray in.

    3rdeyer's instructions worked pretty well. I'd like to add some details.

    First of all, I inserted the plastic strip UNDERNEATH (when the screen is facing up) the sim tray and just jammed it in as far as I could. I used only 1 strip and I have a photo here to show what the dimensions are. You don't need 3cm of length because it won't go in that far, but it's a matter of having something for your fingers to grab onto. So what I'm showing is probably more like 2cm. I made mine a little less wide than the SIM tray and it worked wonderfully.

    One thing to note that as you jam the plastic strip in, it seems the SIM tray slides inward a little too. But do not fret! Once it won't go in further, start pulling out the SIM tray. Pull it out in conjunction with the plastic strip. You won't be able to pull it all the way out, but that's fine. It'll be mostly out where you see the nano SIM tray, and you can slide the nano SIM in. Once you slide it in, you can pull the entire TRAY out now. Finally.

    Nexus 4 Sim tray Stuck with nano sim adapter please help!-64d49qz.jpg
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    09-29-2013 07:36 PM
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    Thanks 3rdeyer!!!!!
    this problem has harassed me for months and i solved it just for 10 mins after reading your comment!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!
    10-09-2013 06:39 AM
  3. keiji11's Avatar
    thanks it works!
    10-10-2013 02:47 AM
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    There is only one nano to micro sim adapter I would use. It's a German made adapter the ac staff turned me onto. The SIM card snaps into place. The only adapter I would ever trust. It keeps the nano SIM from popping out.

    Here is a write up I did on it. Currently using it In my htc one as we speak.


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    10-10-2013 12:08 PM
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    Did the same with my HTC One.

    Very expensive mistake.

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    10-11-2013 01:42 AM
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    Did the same with my HTC One.

    Very expensive mistake.

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    Take a look at the post above. I found a really nice adapter I totally trust. Using it in my htc one now.

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    10-11-2013 12:09 PM
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    Did the same with my HTC One.

    Very expensive mistake.

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    Ya know you guys really should give the German Sim adapter a try. It works great in the HTC one. I have no worries whatsoever about using it. Just took it out of my HTC one to put the nano Sim back in the moto x. Fantastic adapter.

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    10-11-2013 06:22 PM
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    3rdeyer is a fock... legend!!!I've tried almost everything on the mobile phones repairs "specialist" tips. Plus saved me some money.Good work
    12-13-2013 10:51 AM
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    Thanks a lot to all of you for the answers in this thread, especially to 3rdeyer. I had the same problem with a Htc One. I was feeling hopeless after trying to pull it out (before finding this thread) and then after I tried with two pieces of thicker plastic without any luck inserting the second piece. But after I read more carefully what you said and I tried to find some that were slim enough to fit and I actually managed to remove the tray sim without even inserting the nano sim in the adapter. I'm very sorry that I didn't search this on the Internet before, because my tray sim now looks a little worn out (from trying different methods to remove it).
    02-11-2014 12:35 PM
  10. rammertime's Avatar
    thank you d_m 05 e d and third ire!
    02-25-2014 10:45 PM
  11. ShaheenK's Avatar
    I also have this problem but with my Nexus 7 device.
    Do you believe the solution works with Nexus 7? I tried but couldn't fix it.

    Would you please post some pictures how you did it exactly?
    07-26-2014 09:10 AM
  12. abikerider's Avatar
    I had this same problem with a Galaxy S2. I fixed it after reading this topic but used something besides strips of plastic. I used what I had on-hand, a mechanic's feeler gage set. They are metal strips of about the right width in various thicknesses. I used a .09mm gage and it worked perfectly. Thanks.
    02-05-2015 05:47 PM
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