1. fam617's Avatar
    I ordered a replacement phone just now from Google because I had the VERY annoying ear buzzing issue. Like I have been saying all along - its sounds more like a speaker blew or something. Anyway, Google is sending me a NEW phone within 1 week...apparently they have some in stock for warranty related issues.

    I noticed that this order had the device labeled as Nexus 4 US 16GB Black - New as opposed to my order on 11/13 which was Nexus 4 (16GB) - The next generation phone. Thin, light, and designed for Google Play.

    Do they have a non Black nexus coming out?!?!

    Is there a non Black Nexus 4 coming???-pre-black.pngIs there a non Black Nexus 4 coming???-black-nexus.png
    12-04-2012 09:30 PM
  2. V-Tech's Avatar
    I heard that they will release a white version as well.
    12-04-2012 09:31 PM
  3. Basscase's Avatar
    12-04-2012 10:08 PM
  4. Kizzmocat's Avatar
    Wow, this thread got racist real quick! Lol

    Sent from my EVO using Android Central Forums
    12-04-2012 10:14 PM
  5. fam617's Avatar
    Well now we got more proof I guess...lol
    12-04-2012 10:18 PM
  6. 17veen's Avatar
    By new they might just mean a 'new' nexus to replace the one you have.
    12-04-2012 10:25 PM
  7. Hubertsng's Avatar
    They might later but probably not now, they are already filled with orders. When they are done with a majority of it they might make another color if they ever are
    12-04-2012 10:35 PM
  8. Jinseo486's Avatar
    Xgear is going to release their tempered glass screen protector. Comes in white if you want a white nexus. Just add a white case to it Fantom 4 for LG | XGearlive
    12-05-2012 02:02 AM
  9. bunique4life05's Avatar
    I hope we find out something soon either this week or when the white white version launches next week. If the white version comes out in the UK and we have sign of it coming to playstore by the end of Janaury then I will settle with another phone.

    I have Nexus 7 so my stock android fix is covered but design wise I do not like gray model of N4. It was same with the GB but when GN came in white let say I still adore the white version. I believe like GN the N4 in white will have same effect on me.

    My impatience is due to my luggish and problematic Thunderbolt.

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    12-05-2012 03:56 AM
  10. Freshly_Snipes's Avatar
    Xgear is going to release their tempered glass screen protector. Comes in white if you want a white nexus. Just add a white case to it Fantom 4 for LG | XGearlive
    That's dooope. So it just sticks on eh?

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using Android Central Forums
    12-05-2012 04:00 AM
  11. Mugler Infusion's Avatar
    From pics of the Xgear glass screen protector, it covers the overly sensitive proximity sensor, that may be a problem.
    12-05-2012 07:40 AM
  12. Philip McArthur's Avatar
    There will almost definitely be a white nexus 4 released, but when is the better question. The black one is on back order until mid-January so the white one won't be coming any time soon. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a Nexus 4, I'd be happy with that fact alone.
    12-06-2012 08:47 AM
  13. bunique4life05's Avatar
    The white one is coming out Dec 13th in UK so we will know more at least by then. I am hoping the Play Store comes out with a white one soon. It would great to see the white one at least by end of January in the play store.

    T-mobile might get the white verision also in the states but I much rather see in the play store. I really good we don't have to wait untill April like we did for the NS and GN.

    Sent from my ADR6400L using Android Central Forums
    12-06-2012 09:41 AM
  14. marcus.plans's Avatar
    That white screen protector looks nice! I think I will get that to contrast the black back. I'd love it in red, though!
    12-06-2012 02:10 PM
  15. Fairclough's Avatar
    I thought white is being released for the UK?
    12-06-2012 07:38 PM
  16. bunique4life05's Avatar
    I thought white is being released for the UK?

    Hopefully some leaks come out before launch to verify the device and maybe some predictions on who else will get the white nexus 4. If this white N4 comes out in UK and Google doesn't offer white version later I am going to be pissed. What would be worse if Google allows T-Mobile to have white version instead of the Play Store would be terrible. I need new phone and Mobil World Congress is coming soon which will just add to my tech envy.
    12-06-2012 10:00 PM

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