1. dentmac's Avatar

    LG Nexus 4
    Phone 3 days old. Fully charged it once. Down to 34% so left it plugged in overnight. This AM the Nexus wall adapter and the phone are warm. 64% charged but indicating NO CHARGE . Tried other chargers -- no charge. Downloaded battery widget- "discharging" when plugged in.
    Re-booted-- nothing.
    Perhaps I should have learned-- Had a Nexus 1 (HTC) Crap- 3 power buttons replaced- Gave up!

    did the re-start -- no change
    went down to 5% -- Gave low warning-- now charges
    I will have to keep it on charger as much as off. Screen is 38% off battery use.
    12-17-2012 10:05 AM
  2. corance's Avatar
    Yeah no. No model/brand of phone is always 100%. It has nothing to do with it being a nexus and a different brand at that.
    12-17-2012 10:32 AM
  3. N4Newbie's Avatar
    Reboot the phone.

    Turn on then press and hold power button until menu appears. Tap Power off to shutdown.

    After shutdown, press and hold power button for five seconds until haptic feedback then release. Phone will restart.
    12-17-2012 10:36 AM
  4. ConTejas's Avatar
    I've seen some gnex threads where the phone wouldn't turn on, wouldn't charge, etc. and all were fixed simply by pulling the battery and holding the power button for at least 10 secs (to discharge static electricity). Of course, the N4 doesn't have a removable battery, but I'd try a hard reset.
    12-17-2012 11:47 AM
  5. Thoggie's Avatar
    Great advice! Nexus 4 arrived last night and this morning I could not start it. I thought 'blimey they've sold me a dud'. From the advice on this forum I held down the power button for a few seconds longer then usual and it started right away with 94% charge. Saved me returning it unnecessarily.
    01-24-2013 06:05 AM
  6. omoore28's Avatar
    same thing happened to me, nothing worked though, tried everything from hard reset to holding on button for 10 minutes! eventually ordered replacement and of course after i got off phone it started ti work. going to send back anyway.
    01-24-2013 08:23 AM

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