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    I'm following the XDA $30 Tmobile guide (same as the one on here) to program tasker for automating airplane mode when connected to WIFI but am running into some problem with Tasker. From what I can tell, my N4 goes into airplane mode (airplane icon on upper right screen shows up) when I'm connected to WIFI. However, there is another task call "Call Any, *" that is suppose to prevent the phone from going into airplane mode when I'm on a call. When I enable this profile, there seem to be a conflict as an error pops on and off and the airplane icon toggles on/off intermittently.

    One thing I noticed is that my screen for the "Call Any, *" profile shows:
    If %GVAM ! Set (red line) versus If %GVAM ! Set (green line) in the guide. What does this mean?

    Side info:
    One more thing. I currently don't have cell service on my N4 yet, but believe this shouldn't be causing my error as I'm connected to WIFI. Now that I think about it, when the airplane toggle off, a triangle appears. This may be the signal strength icon but since i have no service, the triangle is empty? I'll know more when I get service this weekend.
    12-18-2012 09:06 AM

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