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    If anyone wants to argue why one phone is or isn't better than another, that's great - but don't make it personal. If this thread can't stay in that direction, I have no problem closing it down.
    12-20-2012 01:23 PM
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    If I can play devil's advocate to both sides here...

    The Android and iPhone ecosystem are vastly different. Apple keeps everything in-house and designs their OS to run on ONLY their flagship device. All development for hardware and software is done by Apple and it is a very neat and tidy closed system. Android, however, at the OS level, is an open-source project, which can be utilized by any hardware manufacturer within the accepted license guidelines. A lot of folks talk about how buggy Android is or about the massive amount of fragmentation there is within the Android ecosystem -- and these people are right -- but the blame here doesn't always lie on Google's development of the OS, but rather the open-source nature of it. After all, it's not Google's fault if a third party hardware manufacturer takes Android and runs it on an inferior devices with poorly written kernels and never update it. It is, however, Google's image that gets tarnished when this happens -- which is why I believe they've done a lot of work re-vising and/or refining of the Nexus line.

    The Nexus line, Google's "flagship" device line, are devices that, in it's current model, are designed to showcase the Android OS. Google's approach has been to showcase their OS on devices that utilize fairly high quality materials in design and push the limits of computing specifications for time when the model is introduced. In spite of that, however, Google also keeps the devices VERY simple when it comes to additional hardware specs. You won't find things like removable batteries and expansion storage and other bells and whistles on the hardware itself (the N4 doesn't even support LTE). Using this model, Google has been able to create some great, albeit no frills, affordable devices -- devices that not only run the latest software with ease, but are also guaranteed to get updated quickly when new Android versions are released.

    To some, running a clean, up-to-date stock version of the OS is a top priority. If you're an app developer, it's almost critical -- and folks love the Nexus line of phones and tablets for that reason. I think though, that to call Nexus the "BEST" Android phones is very incorrect. Yes, the Nexus line is generally at the top of the Android food chain, but there are quite a few high-end Android devices that are (again, in my opinion) far superior, and, for that matter, better to compare to the iPhone experience. The obvious easiest place to start is with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Unlike Nexus phones, that are confined to be built within the guidelines of the Nexus model, phones such as the S3 has a lot more features in terms of hardware and software. Some folks don't need it, some folks don't even want it, and that's fine. While I wasn't necessarily a fan of it in the past, I actually feel like Samsung has done a great job with deploying their TouchWiz UI -- which not only adds a level of aesthetics, but also quite a few additional components and functionality to the Android OS -- to their current line of devices running ICS and JB.

    Now, back to my original point: The iPhone is designed to be impressive and competitive in both the hardware and software realms by Apple. You can't by an LG phone running iOS nor does Apple make phones that run anything else -- it is, by default, the gold standard for the entire Apple ecosystem. The Nexus phones, however, are only designed to be the optimal showcase for the Android OS -- Google intentionally doesn't try to compete with hardware specs when it comes to contracting the production of these phones -- both to maintain an ideal environment for development (the phone's target audience) and keep prices affordable enough to be sold off-contract.

    In other words, from a hardware stand point, I'm not sure it's fair to compare the iPhone to the N4. The OP himself mentioned that the price was one his motivators in buying it, and frankly, there's a reason the N4 is as affordable as it is. A device like the S3, which was designed to compete at all levels (hardware and software) with all competitors on the market is a more fair device to compare to the iPhone. It may still lose that fight in the eyes of the OP, but it's at least it's a fair fight.

    Speaking strictly software, the OP and I will have to agree to disagree on that one. Since ICS I fully believe that Android can go head-to-head with iOS and come out on top (but not necessary before ICS). iOS is just too closed and too limited for me, although I admit it is those same limitations (or, if you prefer, simplicity) that inspire much of it's accolades from the masses.
    touchwiz.. Exynos 4.. AMOLED screen.. capacitive and physical buttons vs cutting edge stock android.. snapdragon s4 pro.. IPS screen with higher ppi... on screen buttons

    ill give the s3 LTE and higher storage.. but besides that the Nexus 4 clearly is a better phone.
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    12-21-2012 01:08 AM
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    I strongly agree with the OP about the Chrome browser lag. It's awful. Scrolling in Chrome isn't consistent - sometimes it's smooth, but then it will jitter, sometimes a gesture will not be processed for half a second (before the gesture's action is executed). Folks can argue all they like and post "everything is smooth on my Nexus 4", but it doesn't make it so. I despise Google for killing the AOSP browser (Browser.apk) and replacing it with Chrome. Chrome on the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 is a disaster. It completely crushes the end-user experience with it's bugginess/jankiness. It's not a smooth experience. And for those who say "mine's smooth", just Google "Chrome laggy Nexus 4".

    I've tried the Dolphin and xScope browsers, but the experience is pretty much the same (slight improvement with Dolphin).

    Google has never been able to nail the user-experience on Android, and I don't think they ever will. The reason why is because it's a Virtual Machine. They can optimize all they like, whenever you're using a JVM (oops, sorry, a "Dalvik Virtual Machine"), you're still going to take a performance hit. In Android, it really shows. To maintain smoothness (CONSISTENT smoothness), you need to be able to complete all rendering within a 16ms timeframe. Failure to do so will either result in tearing (a frame that is missing parts or has regions rendered from a previous frame), or jank (the frame doesn't update because it hasn't finished rendering), and even with 4 fast cores, Android still fails. To make matters worse, you have this magical garbage collector that kicks in whenever it feels like it.

    Android works, and it's a very capable "operating system" (I use that term lightly here). In terms of functionality, it's great. Where is fails is in the UX (user experience) department.
    01-22-2013 09:28 AM
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    I can see where the OP is coming from.. I'm one of those guys that prefers the "official" apps that come with the phone which are supposed to be the best. This is my first android phone and was a bit confused why simple things like file explorers, memo pads, voice recorders etc were missing. But after a few weeks with the device and reading forums, I now understand the power you have to personalise and customise the phone however you want and that is the beauty of android even without rooting, custom ROMs and the rest of it. Nexus 4 is also pure vanilla meaning it really is just like a skeleton compared to the UIs and other features manufacturers include with other android phones.. Touchwiz, sense etc. I bet no two nexus 4s look the same but I can see how every iPhone 4/5 whatever will look very similar.

    It really is down to personal preference.. do you like being told what to do? Or do you like the freedom.. I personally have had no issues with Chrome, but if you really don't like the app there are many (better) replacements. As for the camera, many people will agree its not the best but is it really that much of a problem? I'm not a professional photographer nor am I concerned that the pictures might come out a little better on another device, it is a real upgrade from my 2.3 megapixel camera that I had on my blackberry. Finally, the build quality, tbh personally I think the device looks really sleek and love the design of it.. But again that's personal preference. As for your bezel lifting, maybe you have just got a bad device, it happens to every manufacturer. Many people have got perfectly fine devices that work and have had no problems with it, like me for example. (Touch wood).
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    01-22-2013 10:38 AM
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    touchwiz.. Exynos 4.. AMOLED screen.. capacitive and physical buttons vs cutting edge stock android.. snapdragon s4 pro.. IPS screen with higher ppi... on screen buttons

    ill give the s3 LTE and higher storage.. but besides that the Nexus 4 clearly is a better phone.
    A bit late to respond I realize, but I just used the S3 as a popular example. It may not have been the best example but it was just to point out that there are flagship devices out there from manufacturers that don't have adhere to some of the strict limitations that the Nexus line has. Frankly, I love Nexus devices, I've owned several.

    To many, the features builtin to Touchwiz are an advantage over stock OS
    01-23-2013 07:08 PM
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