1. justlaxin13's Avatar
    Hey, loving my new Nexus 4 so far. but seeing as it has a non-user-replaceable battery (my first such phone), I was wondering what types of things one should do to take care of that and not screw it up. For example, is it relatively safe to assume that all android-phone charges will work with it/not harm the battery for voltage reasons.

    I do know that extreme heat is bad for it...so there's that. Thanks.
    12-21-2012 01:41 PM
  2. andr0idralphie's Avatar
    The Nexus 4 adapter has the highest voltage output of the last three phones with MicroUSB I've owned so I feel safe using the older ones with it. I'd make sure whatever adapter I use has equal or lower output, just to be safe. Edit: I did a little research and it looks like saeufer is correct, I apologize if you've already melted your adapter!
    12-21-2012 01:50 PM
  3. saeufer's Avatar
    umm, no. They're all 5V, since that's the USB spec. The difference is the amperage output; using a charger with a lower output will cause the phone to charge more slowly and/or overheat the charger. You want to use a charger that has an equal or higher output so your phone will charge. It's smart enough only to draw as much current as it needs.

    Any USB charger will work, including that microUSB car charger from your grandma's Motorola flip phone. The only way it'd damage your N4 is if the charger is defective.
    12-21-2012 02:10 PM

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