1. George Martinez's Avatar
    There is a thin line crack in the front glass of my nexus 4 right across the middle of the screen. The top half of the touchscreen works fine, but the bottom half no longer responds. Since my phone is locked with a code, there is no way I can unlock it, or do anything else for that matter. What are my options in terms of repair and the expected costs? Since it's a new phone as of December, is there any way I can ask Google for a replacement?

    The problem is essentially this:

    The difference being the thin line crack in mine and that I can't pull down the top bar at all.

    Thanks for the help!
    01-21-2013 02:41 AM
  2. Hubertsng's Avatar
    Only one I know of is google which makes you pay around 100 I think which is way too much :/.
    01-21-2013 01:59 PM
  3. kayaditi's Avatar
    This is a minor fix but you can operate your tablet with a mouse. You need a Micro USB to USB 2.0 Adapter. I bought this one for cheap.
    Amazon.com: eForCity Micro USB OTG to USB 2.0 Adapter: Cell Phones & Accessories
    I got a thin line crack across the bottom & the entire touchscreen died. Once I used the adapter to attach a mouse, I could unlock the tablet & use it. Jellybean had an update at the time and (perhaps coincidence) the touchscreen started working. All except that small area near the crack. I just rotate the screen to get to what I need. Better than using it as a pricey coaster.
    I was just hoping to use it with the mouse. Having the touchscreen reboot was an incredible surprise. Hope this helps someone.
    02-02-2013 03:55 PM

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