1. gilbodavid's Avatar
    I hope this isnt a repeat. Its aimed at relative non-techies like me.

    I had a blackberry. My contacts were saved in Windows Contacts. But I couldnt find windows contacts anywhere on my pc!!! because it isnt called windows contacts, its just called contacts!

    I have just found a way to get to the contacts and get them on my N4!

    To open Windows contacts, just type "contacts" in the windows start search window.
    Then click on the Contacts program.

    In the contacts program you will find all your contacts!

    On the right of ther "new contact" at the top there are two smallright facing arrows. click on these.

    Choose "export".

    Choose the option to export the contacts files as v-card files.

    Choose the option to open a new folder in a place you can find easily, name it so you know what it is (eg contacts v-cards) and export them there.

    Then go and find your new folder, right click on it and copy it.

    Connect your N4 to your computer, make sure it is connected as data device, not photo device.

    Then in windows 7 start menu, go to "computer"

    Then find nexus 4. Click on it, then click on "internal storafge".

    Paste your contacts v-cards folder.

    Then go to nexus 4 phone, then press on the 3 small vertical square on the bottom right of your N4 sceeen.
    click on export/import
    click on import from storage.

    Le voila!!!!!!!

    Thats just taken me 1.5 hours to wok out.

    Moderators feel free to delete if this is useless or repeat
    02-05-2013 07:41 PM
  2. Humble Traveller's Avatar
    Thanks so much for this. It's been highly useful. Well explained. Simple. Works. Free.
    Couldn't find anything like this elsewhere: your humility matches the usefulness of this excellent advice!
    01-15-2014 08:14 AM
  3. Ashar Asad's Avatar
    man i love it took me about 3 hours trying to transfer my contacts from windows to outlook first then kies 3 then idk what this worked awesomely in my note 3 i just love you
    05-13-2014 08:53 PM

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