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    Well, I have been playing with my nexus for about a week now and I was really torn between the nexus and my GS3. I have decided to keep my nexus and sell the GS3. First I will say the s3 is a excellent device. The reasons I chose to sell it was I got the nexus for a pure google/android experience. While the s3 was a great phone, I felt like I wanted something more. The nexus has really grown on me and I do love the screen, better actually than the s3. I look at my wife's s3 and see how overly saturated her colors look on her phone. I guess for me with all the bright colors ad big font, touch wiz was starting to feel a little cartoonish to me (Just my opinion). While touchwiz does offer a ton of features, I rarely used any of them. For the ones I did use, I already found compatible workarounds from the play store.I felt the nexus was just faster and snappier than the s3 and the s3 is snappy.I liked the curves of the s3 but the build quality of the nexus is better although some have said it is fragile, it does feel good in the hand.

    I dont have a problem with the storage due to things like box (50 gigs free for nexus users) and dropbox and other cloud based services. IMO the camera on the s3 is slightly better than the nexus but with some tweaking it will be fine for daily quick snap shots and G+, FB. In the end I wanted something different. I wanted pure android with the latest updates from google w/o carrier interference, no F'n carrier bloat, unlocked and the best data speeds/coverage from t-mobile and that I could only get from the nexus. It was a good run gs3 but for now, I have moved on
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    02-11-2013 05:05 AM
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    congrats!!! S3 is a great phone too. if Nexus lines didn't exist i probably would have bought a S3
    02-11-2013 10:48 AM

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