1. geezerUA's Avatar
    Hi there!!!
    Im having problem with music files transfer from my PC to nexus4, as my PC just dont see it when it connected as media device(MTP), not a problem when its connected as camera(PTP), anyone can advice me anything???
    02-13-2013 01:09 PM
  2. sdoo25's Avatar
    What version of windows are you using? I've got Windows 7 and when I plug in to the USB I can see the Nexus 4 in Windows Explorer as a drive. I can then drag and drop any type of file to the Nexus 4. If you're using a Mac there's a program that you have to download to get the same functionality.
    02-13-2013 06:00 PM
  3. Chex313's Avatar
    If you are on a Mac you can use Android File Transfer, Win Pc shouldn't need anything. Try another USB port or reboot.
    02-13-2013 06:28 PM
  4. geezerUA's Avatar
    im using windowsXP home edition...
    02-17-2013 01:36 PM
  5. bevhoward's Avatar
    im using windowsXP home edition...
    I'm just learning this as well. There is a download on windows.com that will turn on MTP file transfer when connected via usb to an XP computer.

    Download Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit from Official Microsoft Download Center

    HOWEVER, I'm finding that I can only transfer jpg files with this loaded. All other content file extensions are refused by a windows xp dialog.

    On a hunch, I just tried the same transfer connected to a windows 7 tablet and it transferred an mp3 file successfully, thereby answering the question I came here to ask... "Why wasn't I able to transfer media files other than jpg images via USB after downloading and installing the XP MTP driver.

    fwiw, the following links may be helpful;

    Listen offline on your device - Google Play Help

    Transfer music files to or from your computer via USB - Google Play Help

    Supported filetypes - Google Play Help

    Note... read the fine print in the "supported files" table...

    I transferred mp3, m4a and wma files... the first two play, but the wma files can only be played if they are uploaded to the "cloud" by the windows upload tool.

    Hope that this information is of value.
    Beverly Howard
    02-17-2013 02:11 PM

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