1. valmorel's Avatar
    I would like a brief explanation of charging my nex 4. Can I use most USB output chargers? Do higher output chargers charge faster but reduce battery life? Is charging slowly recommend?
    02-17-2013 12:11 PM
  2. wunderbar's Avatar
    generally, any USB charger will work. The difference is in the output the charger can do. a normal USB 2.0 port will do 500mA, some cheap chargers will do 500 or 700mA, I've also seen a couple at 900. most phone chargers are 1.0A, though the stock N4 one is 1.2A. Most Tablet chargers are 2.0 or 2.1A.

    Higher number = faster charging. Most devices are smart enough now to not charge so fast that it'll damage the battery. Generally if you want to charge at any speed you want to go at at least 1.0A. 500mA will work as long as the phone isn't seeing heavy use, but it'll be slow. in some cases, a phone or tablet can draw more power than a 500mA charger can provide, and the battery will drain even when plugged in.
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    02-17-2013 12:29 PM
  3. valmorel's Avatar
    Thanks. I was kinda hoping I could use most chargers. I think 2amps is the most powerful I have, but it sounds like that will be OK to use sometimes.

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    02-17-2013 12:39 PM
  4. chubb's Avatar
    I use my old HTC Thunderbolt charger downstairs or my laptop. Upstairs I use my old Galaxy Nexus charger. In my car I use a off brand charger or a Samsung charger. The original for the nexus 4 stopped working so I don't use that. But I have no problems with those other chargers. I just wouldn't recomend using a tablet charger, like said above the can put out double the power. Just about any micro USB phone charger should be fine.

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    02-17-2013 01:00 PM
  5. wunderbar's Avatar
    Why recommend against using a tablet charger? as I said most devices are smart enough where if it will damage the battery charging at say, 2A it won't actually charge the device that fast. I know of a couple phones that actually won't charge faster than 1A even if you connect a 2A charger to it.

    I don't thin you can adversely affect the battery on these by attaching a higher rated charger to it. the hardware is smart enough to know what to do.
    02-17-2013 03:40 PM
  6. valmorel's Avatar
    Battery life does become more of an issue with phones like the N4 where replacing the battery is problematic, hence my concern over damaging it.

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    02-17-2013 03:44 PM
  7. KevvinG's Avatar
    When it comes to phones with non-replaceable (at least not easily) batteries, you're better off with the safe 1.0A charger, I'm sure a 2A charger would work, however I'm not sure if it's worth the risk to your battery.
    02-17-2013 03:51 PM
  8. chubb's Avatar
    I don't think it would hurt if it was the only charger available. But I wouldn't risk it if I had a phone charger handy. To me why risk damaging the battery when you dont have to that's all.

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    02-17-2013 04:33 PM
  9. SiriusXM's Avatar
    My Galaxy Note Note charger is 2.0A.

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    02-17-2013 04:49 PM
  10. Darrkman's Avatar
    I use my old blackberry wall chargers. Fastest chargers I have, they work great.

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    02-17-2013 05:26 PM

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