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    Just used my Navigation feature for the first (reasonably) extended time today and noticed something. Despite being plugged in to maintain charging, the battery was being sucked down at a greater rate than charging could compensate for. Now while this was still a moderate length trip (only about 35 minutes), and I went into it fully charged, this experience would clearly be cause for concern on a longer journey--particularly without swappable battery capability. Has anyone else who relies on navigation more often than me encountered this? Cause I'm assuming navigation capability is far less effective once the battery reaches 0%.

    Lightbulb: I do think I had 3G on, I suppose I could try to use navigation on 2G next time
    02-18-2013 09:32 PM
  2. wunderbar's Avatar
    My guess is that you were probably using a 500mA car charger. The N4 will pull more than 500mA of power when doing turn by turn navigation. I have a 1A car charger and use navigation all the time and the battery doesn't discharge, it just charges very slowly.
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    02-18-2013 09:54 PM
  3. gavo360's Avatar
    I wouldn't turn 3g off while using the navigation app as it needs a data connection. As previously said its probably the car charger you have isn't powerful enough.
    02-19-2013 04:33 AM

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