1. wwu123's Avatar
    Is anyone noticing dropped calls after 4.2.2? I can't tell if it was the update or just coincidence, as I only used the phone for about a week or so before, and maybe only 1-2 calls/day. But I didn't really have any issue with phone calls until just the past few days. Now Iately I've had a couple of calls where I'm getting disconnected within a couple of minutes, and multiple times after reconnecting with the other party.

    What's odd is that when the call drops, my network icon (the increasing bars for cellular signal, not the wi-fi icon), is usually blue and full strength four bars. Then as I'm attempting to re-dial, the icon turns suddenly to full four grey bars, then suddenly goes to an empty outline of a triangle couple with a "out of service" pop-up box. Of course I cannot make a call at all. Then about 10 seconds later, it will switch to full blue bars again and I can re-dial.

    I'm on an AT&T mobile plan with unlimited data, though I'm not sure the data portion should affect anything. Would the APN settings affect anything? When the calls have dropped, I'm usually at home or at work with the phone also connected to wi-fi. I didn't pay attention to what was going on with the wi-fi icon at the time, and I was not doing any web browsing or other data while on the phone, although I'm sure certain processes could be pulling data.

    The Nexus 4 has been great for mobile data, and no problems with mobile data or wi-fi data connections, but of course if it can't make a 5-minute phone call without dropping, that's a fatal flaw...
    02-20-2013 07:14 PM
  2. runtmms's Avatar
    There's a big thread on xda about the different radios - it starts as a discussion on how to get lte back, but there are multiple people who describe problems like yours. Some seem to do better flashing an older radio after upgrading to 4.2.2.

    02-20-2013 11:54 PM
  3. pratishsanghvi's Avatar
    Hi, did you find any solution to this? I too am facing the precise problem. A few months into using the N4, i have been facing ridiculous number of dropped calls. I checked with my network guys and seemed all ok from thier end. I also replaced to a new sim yet the same issue. I do agree about the network changing from blue to grey during such times.

    Desperately looking for a solution!!
    05-18-2013 02:06 PM
  4. Paul Chambers3's Avatar
    Hello, I am having the exact same problem with my phone! Nexus 4. UK Three Mobile...

    Anyone found a solution.
    06-03-2013 05:30 AM

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