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    Does anybody use AT&T prepaid plan in Indianapolis neighborhood and is your Nexus 4 receiving data? Especially on the phones purchased from Google Play.

    I am planning to go with AT&T for a month to be able to get the $30 T-Mobile unlimited text, 100 min's talk, and 5 GB data with new T-Mobile SIM card from Walmart.
    I was not told the truth by T-Mobile while activating my unlocked phone and have no 3G or 4G coverage in my house, where I mostly stay. Paying $60 monthly is overkill for this kind of a service. The salesperson should know this when I gave in my address and should make me aware of it. I had no idea about the $30 plan @ time of activating; otherwise I would walk to Walmart residing almost next to T-Mobile.

    03-27-2013 07:44 PM
  2. Listicka's Avatar
    Well, I went to three different Walmart stores today. No T-Mobile Phone pack with micro SIM cards. I thought I will buy the cheapest phone with the micro SIM card. Straight Talk is not available at Walmart, they pointed me to the ST web site, which has no SIM cards available at all. This means I will have to deal with AT&T directly, which is prepaid $65/month. Not that terribly bad considering I don't have any reception with T-Mobile in my area for prepaid $60/month. I am two days without any service for now while I can't make a decision, there is simply not enough information available and nobody responds to my posts. I will have to figure it our by myself. I was around 10 year Verizon customer with contracts, the prepaid is a new animal to me.
    03-28-2013 06:59 PM

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