1. boovish's Avatar
    I want one, it looks neat. Especially the white one
    04-13-2013 07:10 PM
  2. Lanhoj's Avatar
    After the update fiasco of the Galaxy Nexus, don't count on it, unfortunately.

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    04-13-2013 07:11 PM
  3. androidluvr2's Avatar
    No, it only has LTE support for Band 4 and no CDMA radio.

    They may get another Nexus once they go to VoLTE.
    04-13-2013 07:13 PM
  4. boovish's Avatar
    Couldn't they just release an updated phone? Thats what apple did with the iPhone 4
    04-13-2013 07:29 PM
  5. androidluvr2's Avatar
    Couldn't they just release an updated phone? Thats what apple did with the iPhone 4
    Of course they could, but it won't be called a Nexus 4. It will be some other name and in all likelihood, some other manufacturer with a completely different design. However, I don't think it will be coming to Verizon as long as they rely on CDMA.

    I hope I am wrong and the next Nexus will come to Verizon.
    04-13-2013 07:41 PM
  6. boovish's Avatar
    The iPhone 4 was stilled called iPhone 4 though
    04-13-2013 07:42 PM
  7. bigdaddytee's Avatar
    The Nexus 4 is just a rebadged Optimus G, built to Google specs. They could easily put in CDMA. But I agree, it's unlikely that Big Red will get another Nexus until CDMA goes away in the next year or so.

    Sent from the (4.2 updated) redheaded stepchild of the Nexii
    04-13-2013 07:52 PM
  8. return_0's Avatar
    No; as Lanhoj said, Verizon (and Sprint to a lesser extent) pretty much screwed up the Galaxy Nexus and stained the Nexus name, to put it bluntly. Highly unlikely for at least a year or so.
    04-13-2013 09:51 PM
  9. Patrick Schroedl's Avatar
    The Nexus line will come to Verizon when it's in the best interest of both companies. Right now, Verizon would make little to no money off of the Nexus devices when compared with the other, big-name, heavily-marketed devices like the Galaxy S4 and RAZR MAXX, to name a couple offhand. Furthermore, Google did not/does not want to create multiple hardware versions of the phone just to support big-name carriers in the U.S. such as Verizon. Andy Rubin has somewhat explained the reasoning behind not having an LTE version of the Nexus 4 in the past.

    Now, as androidluvr2 and bigdaddytee pointed out, Verizon is moving to phase out the older 2G/3G networks and move entirely over to LTE, paving the way for LTE-Advanced deployments in the future (which will be awesome). This may well work out in our favor, because Verizon's LTE is part of the 'C-block' spectrum that has open-access regulations tied to it. These are the same regulations that are intended to govern hotspot usage and fair data usage essentially that you can use your data cap however you want, and data use on that spectrum cannot be discriminated against by type (video streaming, social networking, gaming, tethering, etc).

    Read this article on The Verge: Slow lane: why Google's new Nexus 4 doesn't have LTE | The Verge

    But the rules have turned out to be virtually meaningless in practice, as Verizon uses 700MHz in conjunction with CDMA spectrum that doesnt have similar open access rules so while Verizon might be legally required to support an unlocked LTE device, the legacy CDMA network still effectively keeps all of Verizons phones locked.

    [...] it's still a nascent technology with significant interoperability problems across many spectrum bands, requiring companies to create different hardware variants of their phones for each network. Profitably building all those variants requires either financial assistance from the carriers or a large addressable market for an unlocked device. So while Verizon has by far the largest LTE network in the world, covering over 400 markets and over 250 million people in the US, Google has no access to those customers.
    Here's the bottom line:

    Google may be getting serious about selling hardware with the Nexus 4, but not so serious that it's willing to compromise with carriers, and compromising with carriers is the only way to make LTE work.
    And the quote from Andy Rubin for more detail:

    We certainly have a desire to offer devices on every carrier on the planet, Rubin said. The tactical issue is GSM vs. LTE. A lot of the networks that have deployed LTE havent scaled completely yet theyre hybrid networks. Theyll do their old thing and theyll do LTE, which means the devices need both radios built into them.

    For now were gonna sit back and watch those networks evolve. Two radios in a device right now certainly raises the cost, and diminishes battery life. This point seems to frustrate him. When we did the Galaxy Nexus with LTE we had to do just that, and it just wasnt a great user experience. Its possible to do it right, but thats not where well put our resources initially. Tactically, we want to make sure the devices are available for every network on the planet.
    Last, but not least, here's a link to a post I wrote back in December about the same issue: http://forums.androidcentral.com/ver...ml#post2457985
    04-14-2013 02:09 AM
  10. theWEIR's Avatar
    I've been hoping the Nexus 4 would be released on Verizon for a while. Verizon LG Nexus 4 Tipped With LTE & 32GB In April-End | SidhTech I found this article and a couple others like it that were written last week. I'm not sure if this rumor is legit but I really hope so since my Droid X really needs to be replaced.
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    04-16-2013 12:02 PM
  11. TheLibertarian's Avatar
    Can't imagine they would be actively working on bring the Nexus 4 to Verizon when we're almost closer to the N4's successor.

    So no, I wouldn't count on it. And if you wait for the Nexus 5, which may or may not be a CDMA device, you might as well wait for the GS5, the iPhone 6, or the HTC One's successor.

    Point being, you need a phone, so buy what's available now, because if you wait for the future, you will always be waiting for the future.
    04-16-2013 06:19 PM

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