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    Hi Android Central!

    First off thanks for reading this and for any advice given.

    Recently my brother who has some personal issues took my Nexus 4 and threw it very hard onto concrete. I'm not mad at my brother he just has issues, but I needed my work data and vacation photos off my phone desperately. The screen was smashed and the back was coming off, but the resilient Nexus 4 was still glowing behind the cracked screen. I plugged the damaged Nexus 4 into my pc and I got nothing, but I did get the Nexus 4 red led indicator light. Usually this means the battery has some error. When I inspected my broken phone I found the main board with all the memory and cpu looking fine.

    So I bought a used bricked Nexus 4 online that had the sound not working on it, I took both phones apart and swapped the phones main boards. To my excitement the Nexus I Frankenstein'd booted up! It was charging, touch screen working, even the boot sound was perfect. So the only issue is that the phone gets stuck at the Google logo and just hangs there.

    I plugged it into my pc and it detects the phone but does not give me the nexus media folders. I can enter Fast boot mode but I can't adb. My phone is rooted and unlocked it says in Fast boot but I can't get passed the Google Logo. Does anyone know how to recover files through Fast boot or if it's even possible.

    Please help any advice would be appreciated.

    *Oh and something interesting the Bricked Nexus I bought was a newer model. I got my Nexus on the launch day, so the main phone boards were actually green (older nexus) and blue (newer nexus board) if anyone was curious.
    06-02-2013 09:11 PM

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