1. yobojobo's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    New to the forum and I have done a search for this, recently I dropped my phone, it smashed, oh the joys, I took it to carphone warehouse who replaced the screen and all seemed well, but after a week or so my phone started to turn itself off randomly at varying battery levels from 10 to 70 per cent, occasionally it would come back on but more often than not it needed to be plugged back into the charger for it to come back to life. Then this weird thing started to happen after another week, when it would turn itself off it would reboot in bootloader and get stuck in a loop until plugged in, this has now started to happen once a day at least. I have read elsewhere that his is potentially the battery expanding which could be very dangerous, there's a crack appeared post the original drop above the lens, very similar to a photo I've seen on reddit of somebody else's battery expanding and cracking the back of the case.

    Now after some factory reset etc I know this to be a hardware issue, does the fact that the screen has been replaced void my warranty? I gather it does. Do you think I should risk sending it off for repair and incur costs of out of warranty repair or is this a relatively simple job of just replacing the battery?
    07-23-2013 04:41 AM
  2. SiempreTuna's Avatar
    Unless the battery is damaged - which I assume it ain't as it would probably be pretty obvious - I doubt that the issue is the battery

    I would definitely look into getting the phone repaired. I suspect that, even if your warranty were still valid (which it might be if CPW is an approved repairer) it wouldn't cover this as its most likely caused by the drop. The alternative is that it was caused by the CPW screen replacement .. but good luck proving that ..
    07-23-2013 05:16 AM
  3. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    I agree with SiempreTuna.
    having CW replace the screen would not void the warranty. The warranty was already voided when you dropped it and caused physical damage. Since the unit has physical damage having CW work on it was probably a good idea to have them fix it. Also coorect above is its possible a replacement part was used and the device is not liking it.
    Blackberry had issues with replacement screens going white, ive seen iPhones have issues with screens and proximity sensors not working right after repairs. So its possible its a part issue or perhaps the tech simply made a mistake and something internally is not set right..
    See if you can take it back and ask them to look at it for you.
    07-23-2013 09:06 AM

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