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    This phone did have one major problem. Somehow after rooting it I fixed them by installing several programmes. I'm not sure which programme fixed it, but the end result was a fix and I'm happy.

    The issue was horrific volume. I mean bad! Not only out of the hard speaker but when hooked into my car's radio or my wife's car radio, one had to turn volume literally all the way to max to hear it. And yes the phone was on max volume too.

    First I installed the beats Audio programme that's on the play store. That fixed the volume level but basically gave me no fx programme to tweak my audio settings. Then I tried installing eizo but it would fail any time it ran. So did all other equalisers As well. The beats audio programme (which didn't really work. Oh well $2 spent...) Apparently either installed or overwrite the music fax programme. Once I disabled it I was able to install the ViPER4Android programme and WOW! PROBLEM SOLVED! I'm not sure if the Eizo programme will fix it. Its on my non-rooted nexus7 and it seemed to help.

    I will post this in forum seperately To help others in their issues with volume woes. Hope it helps! Nexus 4 rocks BTW!!!
    07-25-2013 10:01 AM

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