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    Ok, so I just got an N4 and wanted to transfer my music to it. I thought it was going to be a simple drag and drop, just like I've done with an iPhone 3GS, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Amaze, same exact files. But when I went to transfer them to the N4, I simply get the following message:

    The XXXX file type is not supported on this device. If it is a media files, you may be able to use Windows Media Player to convert the file to a playable type prior to transfer. Do you wish to skip this file now?

    I only get a skip, skip all, or cancel options.

    Now, half my music is in the mp3 file type and the other half is the mpeg-4 audio file type. All the mp3 files transferred no problem, so this message is referring to the mpeg-4 audio files. So what gives? Can you not transfer mpeg-4 audio files into the N4?

    I have tried searching through the forums (and other online sources) and this wasn't exactly addressed, I saw people asking about mp4 videos/codecs/players, so I guess there's a way to transfer these files. Or does mp4-audio differ from video (n00b question I know)? I'm kind of puzzled on this issue.

    Again, every other phone I've ever had I was able to just drag and drop those EXACT SAME FILES and I was able to transfer and play them without any issues. So before I go on and waste half my day converting my music to mp3, I'd like to see if anybody has a suggestion.
    07-26-2013 07:36 PM

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