1. billdz's Avatar

    On my N4, I have 2 email accounts running, Yahoo and my company email. Every couple of days, the Yahoo mail stops working. I get an "unable to login" error message, even with a strong signal. The company email keeps working with no problem. Turning the phone off and then back on does not help. Eventually the problem goes away by itself and the Yahoo mail starts working again. The problem usually surfaces when connected only via my cell network (T-Mobile). I don't think it occurs when the phone is on wi-fi. Any thoughts on why this is happening and any fix?

    08-03-2013 11:42 PM
  2. osu1's Avatar
    Same problem here. I now use yahoo mail app.
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    08-04-2013 12:11 AM
  3. EWY's Avatar
    I have the same problem. The problem fixes itself. Yahoo email sometime work and sometimes don't. When I got 4.3, Yahoo email was doing fine and I thought 4.3 fixed that problem. 2 days later, I am getting the same "unable to login" error message.
    08-04-2013 01:29 AM
  4. Greg C's Avatar
    I sometimes encounter this using the email app on my phone (not the Yahoo app). What I do is remove my account and then add it again. This works for me.
    08-04-2013 04:31 AM
  5. billdz's Avatar
    I found this thread, it seems others have had the same problem, no one in the thread seems to have a working solution, other than switching to the Yahoo app:
    08-04-2013 06:16 AM
  6. Captainbob767's Avatar
    Anyone tried K9 mail app. I have used it for a couple of years with no problems.
    08-04-2013 07:19 AM
  7. billdz's Avatar
    Still not working, anyone have any further ideas?
    08-10-2013 10:17 AM
  8. willdogs's Avatar
    I think yahoo is doing this purposely to get more folks to install their App.
    08-10-2013 01:56 PM

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