1. fallingwalls's Avatar
    Hey everyone!

    My friend has a Nexus 4 that, periodically reboots into the bootloader mode.
    This is especially inconvenient because her phone was her primary alarm clock, and now won't go off if it reboots into bootloader in the middle of the night...which it usually does.

    I've already tried flashing to a factory image, thinking that would be enough, but that didn't seem to make a difference.

    Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!
    11-17-2013 06:55 PM
  2. CoolBeit's Avatar
    I heard of a similar issue once and it turned out the phone was overheating. Is your friend using a case? Try to leave the case off when charging overnight and see if the issue goes away.

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    11-17-2013 09:27 PM
  3. someguy01234's Avatar
    If the phone feel warm or hot it could be due to heat issue which could be due to some wakelock issues (certain apps draining battery). If you haven't, flash to the latest KitKat firmware.

    Otherwise might want to RMA it, this issue seems to affect some other N4 users particularly wakelock.

    If there are wakelock issues, uninstall and reinstall the app, or root it and use Greenify to hibernate the app.
    11-17-2013 10:57 PM
  4. fallingwalls's Avatar
    Doesnt seem to be overheating, but I'll advise to remove the case and perhaps try a different charger. Thanks for the input guys!
    11-19-2013 12:02 AM

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