1. Paul Millage's Avatar
    Hi Folks;
    Switched to Android from BB and absolutely love it!. I can't seem to find a reliable app that will let me use my LED light as a notification when I receive messages etc....any advice would be appreciated. Tried light flow, nova launcher LED LITE etc
    12-03-2013 02:50 PM
  2. Citizen Coyote's Avatar
    You mean your camera flash on the back? I know Light Flow has an option for doing just that, although I've never messed with that particular feature.
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    12-03-2013 03:03 PM
  3. Matt_Zenick's Avatar
    Use the app LightFlow it works great you will love it
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    12-03-2013 03:12 PM
  4. Greg C's Avatar
    Light Flow is the best!
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    12-03-2013 03:38 PM
  5. draconianchaos's Avatar
    All of these light flow is very good so far.

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    12-03-2013 04:15 PM

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