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    I updated my nexus 4 today because I was tired of seeing the update your phone message. I never rooted my phone or anything like that but when I updated it to jellybean or ice cream, not sure which one, it said error and stopped. I restarted my phone and it went to the white google logo and looped. I could feel the phone vibrate every time the phone turned back on. I did a factory reset and it still goes to the white google logo loop. I searched the forums and everyone just said try factory resetting it, which didn't work. Is there any way of saving my phone?
    12-29-2013 03:55 PM
  2. someguy01234's Avatar
    Sorry about that, looks like another OTA gone wrong. It would update to KitKat. ICS is old and the Nexus 4 never used it, Since you did a factory reset, all your data are lost except for what you synced.

    This might be some work involved, but it will restore your phone to stock:

    But instead of using the old factory image and driver linked in the guide (step 1 and 3), I suggest using this USB Driver and downloading the latest 4.4.2 factory image from here:
    Google USB Driver | Android Developers
    12-30-2013 02:16 AM

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