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    *** nexus 4 usb otg-y cable , diy questions, please help.... ***-nexususbfull.jpg
    *** nexus 4 usb otg-y cable , diy questions, please help.... ***-nexususb2.jpg

    **** first off the way around the wire is to the power source is back to front, as it was just laid there to show which went to power, but the black and red wire needs swapping roound........please take that into consideration..... *** sorry to compicate things

    HI EVERYONE, im scott...... i had the parts i needed to make the otg-y cable my nexus 4 needs to use usb mem sticks.....
    so my question is, does the above layout [use the. key one pic plz, look correct..before i got ahead and plug into my phone, as u can see the red line i have cut this track to preven power getting to the phone,only theusb stik, is this correct, the other is the blue, is it correct to wire the stadalone 5th pin that connects to the outershell of usb, to pin 4 [the ground black pin].....can someone please clarify this , i dont want to naff up my phone, im good with an soldering iron, and electronics, i just to make sure i have this correct , as i belive the nexus needs it a certain way...

    any help would be greatly appreciated.......thank you all..........needs any more info or the pics not clear off jst say, ill sore it........thank u again peeps

    here is a fresh pic in case anyone, wants to correct me......... thanks again
    *** nexus 4 usb otg-y cable , diy questions, please help.... ***-nexususb.jpg
    01-14-2014 10:35 AM

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