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    Hi, I've just had to RMA my Nexus 4 after an OTA update caused it to be stuck in an unfixable boot loop. I have received a replacement phone, and am about to send my broken one back, however, the new phone they sent me didn't come with any accessories, e.g. charger and USB cable, it just came in a small, plain white box. My problem is that in the email I received says that I need to send all packaging and original accessories. However, that would leave me without a charger and OEM USB cable for it. So I am looking for some advice on what I should do about this, should I just send the handset back in the small white box the replacement came in?

    The E-Mail I received:

    Step 1: Order Your Replacement Device [Time-Sensitive]

    Please click through the link below within 24 hours of receiving this email to order your replacement device:


    About ordering your replacement:

    The replacement link above expires in 24 hours.
    You will not be charged for the replacement, but your card will be authorized up to the full price of the device.
    Please ensure that youre signed in with the same email account you used to originally purchase your device.
    You will need to order the replacement from your computer (it wont work from a mobile phone or tablet).
    Step 2: Pack it

    Print out the attached RMA form.
    You'll receive a return shipping label and shipping package in the mail within 5 days.
    Make sure that you keep the SIM card for your device, if applicable. Any SIM cards that are returned with the device will be destroyed.
    Please do not try to ship your device back to us before receiving your replacement; wait for the prepaid shipping materials.
    When you receive the prepaid shipping materials, put all of the original items packaging and accessories along with the printed RMA form into the shipping package.
    Step 3: Ship it

    Drop your package off at your local post office.

    Important notes:

    Please return your device using the attached RMA within 5 days after receiving your replacement. Once your return is received and inspected by our warehouse, the authorization on your credit card will be removed.
    Your device and all applicable accessories must be returned in like-new condition.
    You must take reasonable care when returning the device.
    Applicable fees may be charged for damages or missing components.
    Google reserves the right to reduce return value by the promotional credit amount, if applicable.
    01-23-2014 03:10 PM
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    You can email google and get confirmation before sending it back. I would imagine they won't need you to send those things back if they didn't send you new ones with the replacement.

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    01-23-2014 07:42 PM

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