1. smartboyamo's Avatar
    Hey guys, i was wondering if you guys can kindly help me put with this problem.
    Watch the video below on youtube and you will see.

    anyone knows what is happening here? it would just suddenly auto touch things and open applications. i enable the show touches and pointer location in the developer tools to show where its touching. It seems to be touching at the top part of the screen, where the marks are drawing. Is it a software problem or a hardware? I tried numerous factory restore but no success, so i am guessing its hardware but i have no idea what. Any help would be appreciated.
    Its running andriod 4.4.2
    build number KOT49H

    02-18-2014 01:59 PM
  2. SejberCze's Avatar
    Hi, I have the same problem with HTC Desire X.
    Did you solved this problem?
    09-27-2014 03:44 AM

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