1. nickacs's Avatar
    Hello all...
    I recently wanted to set my phone dialer notification sound and while I could set it in the dialer/settings/call settings/phone ringtone, it kept reverting back to my old ringtone?! It would happen later, not immediate...so didn't know why both would keep reverting. Then I "read" on the 'net that if you blew away the Media Storage app in settings, then you could set it with no problem. Well, of course, this blew away ALL sounds stored on my phone, so I quickly got them all back and all is good from that standpoint.

    However, I STILL cannot get either sounds to STAY and not revert back??? It looks like the Default Notification Sound under Settings/Sounds is 'Helium' but every darn time I change it to whatever, say 'Tejat', it will "save" and I can go right back and it's still there. But say in like an hour from now, I'll go back in the settings and sure enough, it's BACK to 'Helium'. Same exact issue with the phone dialer ringtone. I set it fine and then it just reverts back to whatever the default was at some time later (minutes or hours?!).

    Grrr....This is driving me CRAZY!!! LOL... I don't know how to make both sounds actually stick forever on my N4!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated

    04-14-2014 07:53 PM
  2. nickacs's Avatar
    Anyone, Bueller?! LOL.... Happened again to me today..set the Default sound to Tejat, and then about an hour later I got a FB notification and it was 'Helium' notification sound...ARRRGGG!
    04-15-2014 08:33 PM
  3. auppaluri's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem. I have a Moto X on Kit Kat. The phone ringtone I can change, but the notification sound will always change back to Vega almost immediately after I set it to something else.
    If anyone knows how to fix this, that would be greatly appreciated...
    05-19-2014 08:50 PM
  4. sgesualdi's Avatar
    Has anyone found a solution to this? Just got sgs5 with 4.4.4 kitkat.
    12-06-2014 01:22 PM
  5. wreckanoid's Avatar
    I have this issue now with a Nexus 4 and Lollipop. No matter how many times I change my default ring-tone it reverts to Pyxis after an unknown time.
    This is like a steering-wheel down my pants - it's driving me nuts!
    02-08-2015 08:28 PM

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