1. mrrhtuner's Avatar
    Hello everyone, I have a very strange issue. Let me do my best to explain what's going on.
    I have a LG Nexus 4 and sometime a bunch of months ago I lost the ability to reply from one of my emails when I get a reply on kijiji.

    Here is what I know so far.

    I have a bunch of adds on kijiji(sorta like craiglist) which are registered under an email account that I have with Google. If somebody emails me from the site, it goes to my phone. I do get the email and I can see/read it. If I try to reply to the email, the person will not see a reply at all.

    If I use my kijiji sales email and email my personal account, it works just fine. If I reply from my personal account, my sales account will also get it.
    I am confused and lost on why I can't reply to email that I get from this site. The email won't send at all even though it looks like it.

    I am not sure if this is a 4.4 issue as it did work before but then suddenly stopped months ago.

    I have searched google and haven't found anything in relation to this as a common problem.
    I hope my description was clear. I can re-phrase if needed.

    Thank you
    06-03-2014 04:08 PM
  2. CoMoNexus's Avatar
    I'm having problems with the stock KitKat email client. Often I'll send a message, and it just sits in the outbox. This happens with multiple accounts, including Exchange and Hotmail, and regardless of whether I'm connected to Wi-Fi or HSPA.

    Also, when I swipe to delete, I often get an error message.

    I'm wondering if KitKat has email problems across the board.
    06-03-2014 07:58 PM

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