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    as I have been reminded to upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1 (?) I finally downloaded the upgrade and gave permission to upgrade. Once finished, it never got passed the swirling balls in the boot procedure. It simply got stuck there forever (I have tried several times, waiting as much as 90min, but it is stuck in this bootloop).
    I then went into recovery mode and did a factory reset (several times), but the result is no different. It is stuck in a bootloop. I have also wiped the cache partition, but it made no difference either.
    My first hunch at this point was to sideload Android onto my phone, but another problem is that my PC does not recognize the phone (2 computers, one Windows and one Ubuntu, neither recognize any Nexus phone). How can I sideload if I cannot even connect the phone to the PC?
    Does anyone have any bright ideas on how to proceed? I'm certainly no expert on mobiles, so maybe I have missed something...
    07-06-2015 06:42 AM

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