1. vlee's Avatar
    Currently running 5.1.1 . Today I noticed I have an update available for download.

    I wasn't expecting any updates. I figured with Marshmallow coming out, we wouldn't get one, so I haven't been paying much attention to the forums.

    Can anyone tell me what it is for and will it cause any problems? I'm a little leery since I managed to accidentally fire up the Windows 10 update on my laptop when I had meant to delay it, so I'm a little gun shy .
    08-19-2015 05:00 PM
  2. zorak950's Avatar
    That should be your August security update. Google recently committed to monthly security updates for Nexus devices. You won't notice any differences, it's purely under the hood stuff.
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    08-19-2015 08:23 PM
  3. vlee's Avatar
    Thanks. Just didn't want to break my phone mid-week.

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    08-20-2015 06:10 AM
  4. drew_t's Avatar
    I got the update today. I have my N4 modded to use the T-Mobile LTE radio band, and I was afraid I would have to go through the rigmarole of bringing it back to stock in order to get the update to install, but happily this wasn't necessary.

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    08-20-2015 07:41 PM

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