1. SecondTab's Avatar
    looking for a custom kernel for extending battery life.
    found AK but don't know much about it.
    which one should I download?
    there's AK.307.OPO.CM12.1.zip but does it work with nexus 4?
    what's UKM_v3.8.4.0_Special_Ed.zip

    any ideas?

    thank you..
    09-14-2015 04:52 PM
  2. Teejai80's Avatar
    Well Franco kernel has always been one of my favorites.

    [KERNEL][GPL][N4] franco.Kernel - r217 | Google Nexus 4 | XDA Forums
    09-14-2015 07:44 PM
  3. SecondTab's Avatar
    does it work with cm12.1?
    09-15-2015 08:37 AM
  4. doobydoo's Avatar
    Use Quanta kernel - xda forum- CM version - it is franco based so it works just the same with Franco Updater app - but dont update it with franco kernel ! http://forum.xda-developers.com/nexu...-r211-t2858561

    It also has its own FREE app - Quanta tweaks - this gives you extra optional double tap to wake [dt2w]- exponential brightness [extremely low brightness] and USB OTG with a power bar and correct cable [and stickmount app].

    It is an amazing combination and I get over 6 hours of screentime and with low usage 7 days of standby battery
    09-21-2015 08:24 AM

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