1. Fericire's Avatar
    Phone: nexus 4
    PC: running windows 10
    So, it's been like a year since i deal with a 400mb free space (canceled all future updates on the playstore).
    If i connect the phone to the PC and copy paste all of it to a file on my PC... will i be able to access all my data from the pc? (i plan on deleting like 700MB-1GB, but i wish to not lose all thos PDFs, Docs, ''Google Keep'' notes taken, etcetera)
    Do you think i can fit like 8GB is a cloud? (apologies for the poor english in advance)
    07-21-2016 08:58 AM
  2. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    If you have a free dropbox account or use google drive you can backup to the cloud.
    If you connect to the pc you will be able to access certain files, not system files but music, pdfs, documents, photos, etc.
    However, I would not copy everything in one drag and drop. It will take a very long time to do and if you perform another function on your phone it will cancel the first function or say 'phone is busy'.

    I recommend copying specific folders a few at a time to your pc. Once they copy over, verify that they can be opened and then move on to the next. Instead of just deleting from your phone when completed, perhaps a factory reset would be the best way to go as it will clear out files no longer used.
    07-21-2016 09:01 AM

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