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    I posted this on G+ but thought I'd share it here.

    So, there's an onslaught of people with all manner of "When will 4.4 or Nexus 5 be released?"

    Let me help you out by teaching you a bit about Google Alerts.

    Google Alerts is a sadly underused service. You can go to Google Alerts - Monitor the Web for interesting new content first and type in Nexus 5 confirmed in the search box.

    If you use RSS readers like feedly, you can change delivery to feed. To import it into feedly, after you finish creating the alert, right click the RSS icon next to the alert and copy link address. You then go into feedly and click on Add New Content and just paste the address into the box.

    If you don't use RSS, leave it set to your email address.

    Make sure that as-it-happens is selected.

    Click on Create Alert.

    Now, anytime Google gets a new search result that matches your search term, you'll either get an email or a new result in your RSS feeds. This will save you from hours upon hours of scouring the web for results on when it will be released. Feel free to make the search term whatever you like but I'm fairly confident once we have the exact release date, there'll be plenty of Nexus 5 confirmed results but you can also create multiple alerts for multiple search strings to cover your bases, just don't get mad at me if you get inundated with email.
    10-29-2013 08:48 AM

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