1. Mister Android123's Avatar
    As we all know the Chromecast is limited in many ways. I've decided that for now it would be wise to directly connect to the tv opposed to doing it through the Chromecast. I've been reading about Slimport making a good cable but there have been some mixed reviews. Anyone experienced in this situation?

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    11-05-2013 10:11 PM
  2. arjen82's Avatar
    I have the slimport cable which I use with my N4. Works great for me. Plug it in, your phone switches to landscape and instantly mirrors.
    Easy and great

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    11-17-2013 03:41 AM
  3. patruns's Avatar
    Slimport is the technology, not the manufacturer. There are a ton of slimport cables available.
    11-18-2013 11:09 AM

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