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    I read some people say that Hangout was quirky but it drove me nuts today. All my Apps downloaded from my old phone and my Nexus 7 tablet that took 2 hours but only one phone number contact was in the Nexus 5 that was my wife with the home number not her cell number. Every time I touched her name trying to find out how to edit the phone number it called our home phone. BTW, I wasn't home. When I finally found out how to edit the phone number to change it to her cell phone it keep changing the number back to our home phone number. Then I had a friend text me a message in hopes I could just add his number automatic to the contacts. Got the text but that didn't add the phone to the contacts. Next thing I know his phone number under my wife name but she also had more than one contact record in my phone now with three different numbers. It was like a virus spreading and I keep accidentally calling them both over and over.

    Finally I went home and found my laptop and got into my gmail account that I never used except for sending a carbon copy to keep old mail archived. I clean out my Yahoo Mail box. After I finally found the Gmail's contacts I found her name and email with our home phone number. Every time I changed her cell number on my new Nexus 5 it would quickly covert back. Turns out that was because the phone was syncing with my laptop's Gmail account that had our home phone number that I may have put in there setting up our Play Store account 18 months ago. I still had to manually add every phone record into my Nexus 5 but I didn't care since I was tired of automatic Cloud backup and automatic restore at that point.

    Love the Nexus 5 and I really hate the phone contacts list with Hangout.
    11-05-2013 10:58 PM
  2. fulcrum777's Avatar
    Try out InTouchApp for managing your contacts, you will get a far better contact management experience & your contacts are independent of your email. IntouchApp - Universal contacts manager for mobile - backup, sync, auto-update
    04-07-2014 10:28 AM

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