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    I've got a Nexus 5 on T-mobile prepaid.

    1) Google Voice site says Google Voicemail doesn't work with prepaid T-mobile. Says to contact the carrier about making "conditional call forwarding" work. Is this something T-Mobile will actually work with me on if I call them? What exactly do I need to ask them?

    2) Anyway to get texts that are sent to my Google Voice number appear in Hangouts instead of just the Google Voice app? Hangouts is set as the default SMS app and texts to my cell number appear in Hangouts. In the Google Voice app I have messaging app selected to receive texts.

    3) When I first got my phone I had all of the screen lock options available to me; now the first three are greyed out with this notice: Disabled by Administrator, encryption policy, or credential storage. Anyway to re-enable them?


    12-01-2013 03:10 PM

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