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    So there some apps that stay on the notification bar. On this pic there are three iradio, batanga those two are music app and the third one is the video player from a website I put the pic as soon I get home

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    12-16-2013 06:57 PM
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    Apps staying on notifications bar-screenshot_2013-12-16-18-54-19.jpg
    the problem is the apps wont clear from the bar
    12-16-2013 07:02 PM
  3. jairusz's Avatar
    Check on the settings of those apps to see if you can turn off the persistent notification.

    If that doesn't work you can long press those notifications, go to the app info and turn off notifications from those apps. This will mean you won't get any notifications from those apps at all and it may affect the app's status as a background running app.

    Another way if you're rooted is to use Notifications Off


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    12-16-2013 08:16 PM
  4. maverick7526's Avatar
    They stay up there because your using a music service. All apps like that do that (Pandora, rdio, Google play music.) The only way to clear them is to close the app. They are there for quick control, instead of diving into the app, drop the notification shade.

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    12-16-2013 09:44 PM
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    I use Xposed Framework's Gravity Box Module to hide those without the adverse effects of manually disabling their Notification.

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    12-16-2013 09:53 PM
  6. joselito76's Avatar
    Thanks, I don't mind then there if they don't use battery or they don't use to much memory for been there
    But is nice just going to the bar and just click on them and continue where you left off. Thanks for the reply
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    12-16-2013 09:58 PM

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