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    I listened to some music downloaded to my Nexus 5 using Google Play app and the android music player. There are pause buttons on both but no stop button that I could find. The app keeps running as shown in settings|apps|running. Is using "force stop" the only way to keep these apps from running in the background? I don't like to run my battery down with apps that I'm not using.
    01-04-2014 06:59 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Unless an app is malfunctioning, it shouldn't use up excess battery if it's only open in the background. Android likes to have apps open in RAM, so if you force close one app, it will either open again on its own, or another app will open in its place. Keep in mind that Android isn't like Windows.

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    01-05-2014 03:26 AM

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