1. chris220954's Avatar
    Don't know if any one has done this but I thought I would share my little project to the ac fourms.
    So I'm taking my old gnex car dock and I'm going to remove some of the plastic shell that holds the classy gnex. I will then take a N5 case and cut out some key areas, and ideally just use some epoxy to hold the two together.

    I will add some photos and update along the way but if any one has some tips to help the process then fell free to add your 2 cents.

    UPDATE #1
    That's my case that I cut already
    Nexus 5 Car Dock(using old gnex car dock)-img_20140110_012759.jpg
    The gnex car dock that I have(using the non pogo pin version)
    Nexus 5 Car Dock(using old gnex car dock)-img_20140110_013013.jpg
    So I took apart the car dock, and just held the two cases together and traced the finger pusher out so I can easily get my phone out after. Also because I still want to be able to take apart the dock and add a NFC sticker in the back I cut out the samsung door, unfortunately I doubt my case will hold to the car dock case when I try to bond the two together due there not being enough structure in the middle. I will still try but I plan to get another N5 case and not cut out the Samsung door part.
    Nexus 5 Car Dock(using old gnex car dock)-img_20140110_013138.jpg
    Nexus 5 Car Dock(using old gnex car dock)-img_20140110_013202.jpg

    UPDATE #2
    OK so I got a new case and I only cut out the finger bang to push my phone out easily.
    Also cut out most the plastic of the gnex car dock and only left the Samsung door, because the gnex had a curve to it I needed to have a straight part of the dock which would have no gap.

    Nexus 5 Car Dock(using old gnex car dock)-img_20140111_184013.jpg
    Nexus 5 Car Dock(using old gnex car dock)-img_20140111_184910.jpg
    Nexus 5 Car Dock(using old gnex car dock)-img_20140111_184915.jpg

    I used epoxy to hold the n5 case and what's left of the gnex dock. Let it sit for a bit and it looks to be holding fine. I haven't tried to pop off the gnes Samsung door from the n5 case yet, but it should open up and allow me to put a NFC sticker inside.
    Nexus 5 Car Dock(using old gnex car dock)-img_20140111_193137.jpg
    Nexus 5 Car Dock(using old gnex car dock)-img_20140111_190838.jpg
    Nexus 5 Car Dock(using old gnex car dock)-img_20140111_190711.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Nexus 5 Car Dock(using old gnex car dock)-img_20140110_012759.jpg  
    01-09-2014 01:45 AM
  2. patruns's Avatar
    I have one of those docks too. You might be far better off selling it as they are extremely hard to come by and I see no advantage to using it over a cheap holder since there are no pogo pins.
    01-09-2014 10:18 AM
  3. chris220954's Avatar
    I have both the cheap plastic one and the pogo pin version, I'm keeping my pogo pin version as one day my old gnex will be used in a project. As for my piece of S*** plastic holder, it is the one being modded . I'm about to update my post with a few pics. I realize I might need buy another n5 case as the epoxy might not hold as well due to the large cut outs.
    01-10-2014 04:26 AM
  4. patruns's Avatar
    Well, it's certainly an interesting project. Carry on......
    01-10-2014 10:09 AM
  5. chris220954's Avatar
    So I did finish my small project, as I thought I did have to buy a new n5 case, essentially I forgot that the gnex had a curve to it. Even with the amount I cut on the gnex car dock case, the n5 case and card dock case would not bond together due to a small gap.
    I got a new case cut out the finger bang to push out the phone. Then I cut out everything on the car dock side so that the Samsung door would be the only part left. Picture will be uploaded but I can finally watch YouTube videos on my way home from work while I drive
    01-11-2014 10:18 PM
  6. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing
    01-12-2014 03:38 PM

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