1. techhound91's Avatar
    Hello all!

    So I've had my Nexus 5 (black 16 GB) for about 16 days now. I recently activated it on Straight Talk AT&T LTE. Everything has been going really well. I can't complain about much. I think the battery life is great and the camera isn't bad at all, in fact it's pretty intuitive.

    My big concern is my Facebook account/contacts will not sync with People app. Essentially this is how the function is reacting: I'll go to Settings>Accounts>Facebook and I'll tap on the three vertical dots on the upper right hand side and select "Sync now" and NOTHING happens. No error message, no indication that it's doing anything... other than after clicking it the drop down menu with the "sync now" option goes away.

    In all my other accounts there are options and boxes you can "tick" but within the Facebook account there are none.

    This bugs me because I have no backups of any numbers or photos of friends and family.

    I know some of us may consider it a blessing in disguise and recommend starting clean, I admit I've considered it but the fact that it doesn't work, when it should: BUGS me.

    Anyone else having this problem? Any FIXES? Please do not recommend that I should purchase an app or use some 3rd party application. I want this to be seamless like it was with my previous device.

    01-15-2014 08:00 PM
  2. y2whisper's Avatar
    I use uber facebook sync. For me I mainly use it for the better looking photos but it could help you as well
    01-16-2014 10:46 AM
  3. VoltaicShock's Avatar
    I think Facebook might have removed that feature. I noticed it on my phone as well.

    I know you don't want to use a third party but I have installed Sync.Me and that seems to work well.
    01-16-2014 10:48 AM

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