1. FergalK's Avatar
    I'm looking to purchase a Nexus 5 16gb from the UK Google Play Store (Play Store for phones is not available in Ireland)
    I'm getting ny bro to order it since he is based in the UK - I want to be sure though that this phone will work ok in Rep. of Ireland.
    Are the Nexus 5 phones from the UK Google Play Store unlocked? Ie; I need to be sure they are not programmed for any particular UK carrier and will work ok over here in Ireland
    Thanks for your help!
    01-28-2014 04:21 AM
  2. Dave Clark's Avatar
    Yes it is, I have mine using a UK tmobile sim.
    01-28-2014 04:24 AM
  3. FergalK's Avatar
    thanks for that Dave!
    01-28-2014 04:31 AM
  4. the tall guy's Avatar
    Same here mate, I ordered mine from the play store and it takes my 3 sim card
    01-28-2014 08:26 AM
  5. Dave Clark's Avatar
    Get a Nexus 5 from car phone warehouse it's cheaper at 298 and no delivery charges :-)
    01-28-2014 08:32 AM
  6. Halloween_Head's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    The UK Play store is saying they're currently out of stock of 32GB 5's.

    Anyone know if the stock comes and goes regularly on there or are they likely to be unavailable for a while?
    01-29-2014 02:18 PM
  7. the tall guy's Avatar
    Ive noticed that the stock does go down for quite a while, which is annoying as most shops like carphone warehouse only sell the 16gb one. It might be down for a while if they introduce the red version
    01-29-2014 02:54 PM
  8. Dave Clark's Avatar
    When they sold out of Nexus 4 back in Nov 2012 it was about Jan before they had stock again. So you may have to wait a while.
    01-30-2014 05:02 AM

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