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    I am re-posting this from the 4.4 forum hopefully that is okay. I am new here and don't wanna break any rules. This may be better suited here however.

    I just got a Nexus 5 yesterday and received a song from my friend. He made it using rockband but it is saved as an m4a. I can view over 19 folders using Astro File viewer on my phone but when I connect to my HP laptop running Windows 8.1 i can only view 12 folders. I used astro to move the song to a folder I can view on my laptop but it shows up as empty even though I know the file is in there. Why wont my laptop recognize many of these files. I would like to be able to move the song to google play so I can have it in my cloud but it is as though the file does not exist. Is there any way to make all these files appear. I have usb debugging on and have tried connecting as both PTP and MTP. I am coming from a Galaxy S 3 so this is a bit different as i do not have removable storage. Thanks in Advance. Nick
    Attached Thumbnails Nexus 5. Help finding files using windows 8-screenshot_2014-01-29-22-46-12-1-.jpg   Nexus 5. Help finding files using windows 8-capture11.png   Nexus 5. Help finding files using windows 8-screenshot_2014-01-29-22-46-19-1-.jpg  
    01-29-2014 10:01 PM
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    01-29-2014 11:25 PM

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