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    I switched to 2G, auto-screen's brightness, turned of Location, bluetooth,... So with that, if I didn't do anything, the battery used to drain 2%/ 1 hours, sometimes 1%/ 1 hours. If i watched video or used Fb or GG chrome, it drained 1%/4~5 minutes. And the charging speed was 1%/1 minutes -> it need 100' to be full charge. That's good. But recently, everything has changed. With that aforementioned conditions, it drains so fast. I don't do anything, just sometimes turn on in order to check battery, and its speed is 1%/5~10'. If i watch film, battery will drain 1%/3'. And if I use fb or GG chrome, it will even drain faster: 1%/2' and sometimes 1%/1'. Besides, I need double amount of time to charge it. Its charging speed now is 1%/2'. It's as slow as when it's charged with laptop ( or in car ). They used to be different and now they are the same. I once let my charger in the bag and it was wet because of rain. I didn't dry it and kept using it ( exactly it was almost dry ). Is it ok ??? But anyone can help me solve my problems, anyway???? Thanks
    03-03-2014 07:58 PM

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